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Mesotherapy | Skin Care | Cellulite

Mesotherapy has been used in other countries for more than 60 years. Mesotherapy is fairly new to the United States but is quickly becoming an alternative to liposuction and other weight loss techniques. Mesotherapy is a medical procedure where tiny needles are used to inject small amounts of amino acids and vitamins into the fat cells and connective tissue, (also known as the layer of skin referred to as “the mesoderm.”) Mesotherapy is proving to be a very effective way to quickly reduce cellulite and fat for cosmetic purposes, as well as diminish fat and cellulite.

Mesotherapy was originally invented by a physician in France named Dr. Michael Pistor and has been a technique used in Europe since 1952. Dr. Pistor discovered that when small amounts of “medication” were injected into the mesoderm, the blood flow could be increased in that area which had a tendency to dissolve fat and cellulite deposits. Since 1952, more than 15,000 practitioners around the world have been using Mesotherapy to help men and women with their problem areas.


Mesotherapy is considered a quick and painless alternative to liposuction because it is a non-surgical, safe procedure requiring no anesthesia. Mesotherapy is not considered a weight loss program, it is used to lose inches and reduce cellulite on areas such as front and back of legs, inner and outer thighs, waist, abdomen, hips, face, double chin, buttocks, and bra area.


Depending on the severity of the problem area, four or more treatments are recommended for each area. One to seven problem areas can be worked during a treatment session.

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