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5 Benefits of HCG

Sermorelin Skin Envy Mesotherapy HCG Injections
HCG Injections at Skin Envy

1. HCG Can Help You Lose Weight

When coupled with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, HCG injections can help aid in weight loss efforts. You should be able to see changes in yourself in just a few days, which in turn increases the motivation to stick with your supplement, diet and exercise regimen.

2. HCG Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

HCG encourages hormonal balance in the body, so it follows that sexual endocrines like testosterone are released into the body. This leads to an increased libido. Additionally, HCG can help to reduce the risk for erectile dysfunction, which commonly occurs as men age and they start producing less and less testosterone naturally.

3.HCG Can Help Improve Performance at the Gym

Having a lower body weight means you can enjoy improved performance and endurance while working out. You can last longer at the gym and maximize your workouts. HCG also helps to restrict muscle mass loss that comes as a consequence of sticking to a low-calorie diet. You can enjoy increased muscle retention without also sabotaging your weight loss goals.

In many cases, athletes take low doses of HCG as a safer alternative to steroids. Steroid use can shrink the testicles after habitual use, which causes lowered testosterone and sperm production. This is the reason why HCG has become the preferred testosterone booster.

4. HCG Can Be Taken in Either Injection or Drops Form

HCG is conveniently available to its consumers in prescription grade injections or the drops.

Being able to take HCG in more than one way is convenient for people who have different goals. Your physique generally determines which form is right for you. Men who want to experience the benefits of improved testosterone levels and higher energy respond more quickly to HCG injections, while anyone who is simply taking HCG for the weight loss element can opt for the drops if they feel more comfortable.

5. HCG Helps Support Fertility

Beyond physique, HCG helps to support fertility. Intramuscular HCG injections can be used to trigger ovulation, which is when an egg is released. Prolonged use of HCG can help women prepare for their pregnancy.

Men can also use HCG for fertility purposes. The hormone helps to increase sperm count, which increases the chances for pregnancy when the woman is also taking HCG to promote ovulation. This lowers the waiting period for the couple.

HCG is a pro-hormone with many benefits and if used properly under a doctor’s supervision, is very safe.

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