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Dr. Oz Endorses Amino Acid Therapy

Many doctors believe the fountain of youth has finally been uncovered and it’s not an elusive water source running from some tourist attraction in Florida. It’s something your body produces naturally: human growth hormone (HGH). With years of study, medical experts have learned to harness this time-altering hormone so you can enjoy its benefits without supplementing with artificial hormones or enduring invasive procedures. In October 2012, Dr. Oz featured a five-part discussion on supercharging your body with HGH, covering its benefits, the best way to supplement HGH, and explaining why you should invest in this effective anti-aging treatment.

The Details of Dr. Oz’s Discussion on Sermorelin: An Alternative to HGH

HGH is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that is responsible for regulating growth and development in your early years and then body temperature, sugar and fat metabolism, and heart function throughout your life. HGH has also been shown to work in conjunction with collagen to maintain taut, radiant skin and muscle composition. As you age, the production of HGH slows and your pituitary gland shrinks, robbing you of all the benefits of youth.

For some time, researchers found that lagging HGH levels could be boosted with synthetic forms of the hormone, but like most artificial supplements, there were side effects. Recently, researchers have uncovered a natural, effective way to simply increase your body’s production of natural HGH, using an amino acid therapy known as sermorelin acetate therapy.

In his discussion, Dr. Oz states that using amino acid therapy to increase HGH is “fundamentally important to us being youthful and vital and we lose so much [HGH] as we age (sic).” This is because improving HGH levels throughout life can optimize health and quality of life. Many of the benefits include improvements in lean body mass, increased energy and endurance, as well as enhanced heart, bone, and cognitive health—and that’s just the short list of benefits.

Choosing sermorelin acetate therapy over synthetic HGH, as Dr. Oz points out, ensures that production of human growth hormone remains naturally balanced, eliminating worries of excess production. Unlike synthetic HGH treatments, sermorelin acetate therapy stimulates the pituitary gland, allowing your body to produce its own HGH. This effect reduces concerns and eliminates the risks commonly associated with synthetic HGH therapy, making sermorelin a more natural alternative.

Patients who choose sermorelin acetate therapy have observed six-times-greater increases in HGH levels than those who used synthetic treatments. These patients also saw improved outcomes more quickly, and with more effective results.

Why Should You Choose Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

Dr. Oz describes how sermorelin acetate therapy is a special blend of amino acids that are injected into the fatty layer of tissue just below the skin to safely improve the body’s own production of HGH. Your own body system effectively regulates the amount needed to promote rejuvenation and repair benefits. For this reason, you don’t have to fear excess production or side effects.

HGH production within the pituitary gland is a prime regulator of fat cells and collagen production. Without adequate levels, your fat cells grow faster and collagen production diminishes, leaving you struggling with healthy weight management and unsightly wrinkles. Boosting HGH naturally gives your body the “tools” necessary to maintain functions commonly associated with youth.

By the time you reach middle age, your body’s production of HGH is reduced by 85 percent, leaving you susceptible to aging and constantly fighting an uphill battle. Restoring your HGH can make it easy to:

  • Increase lean body mass

  • Reduce body fat

  • Improve energy

  • Escalate strength and stamina

  • Boost endurance

  • Accelerate healing

  • Improve heart health

  • Enhance immune-system function

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Foster bone health

  • Promote cognitive function

  • Reduce joint pain

Dr. Oz demonstrates that everyone can benefit from improving HGH levels—not just for restoring youth, but also for your health. The fears that once surrounded supplementing HGH are eliminated with advanced sermorelin acetate therapy. It’s natural, safe, and effective. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a busy executive, or a full-time athlete, sermorelin acetate therapy can improve your performance in every aspect of life, including better sleep, more energy, and improved immunity.

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