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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Uses and Benefits

Not Just Weight Loss! Uses of hCG You Didn’t Know About

While a lot of people still do not know how beneficial the use of HCG can be, those that do mainly use it for weight loss. As popular of a method for losing weight that it is, there are actually a number of different uses for HCG by men and women, adults and children.

HCG for Men

Testosterone Boost

Men who have low testosterone can be prescribed HCG to increase the levels. Normally testosterone levels in a normal adult male are between 300 – 1000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Many doctors will classify any count that is 350 ng/dl or below as being low. Separate from total testosterone levels are free testosterone levels, which should be between 150 and 250 pg/ml.

The free type of testosterone are responsible for binding with receptors throughout the body to enable many different functions, so a low level can create ill health and degenerative function in men. Muscle mass, bone density and hair growth or loss are all related to the level of testosterone a man maintains.

HCG Use by Athletes

Heightened testosterone properties of HCG have been recognized by the athletes as well. In order to enhance their performance, sportsmen have been successfully using HCG. Unlike anabolic steroids, there are no adverse side-effects when using HCG for testosterone boost. However, International Olympic Committee has banned the use of HCG in 1987. This step was necessitated because increasing number of athletes started using this hormone to boost natural testosterone, which can mask synthetic testosterone generated while taking performance enhancing steroids.

Athletes take low doses of HCG to maintain testosterone production for improved performance and muscle strength. This is a safer alternative to steroids, which shrink the testicles after prolonged use causing lowered testosterone and sperm production. This is the reason why HCG has become the preferred testosterone booster for sportsmen.

HCG for Penile Growth and Testicular Development

Studies were carried out on subjects falling in the age group of 12 to 24 years to understand the role of HCG in penile and testicular growth. HCG was administered for 24 weeks. Mean testosterone levels, penile length, and testicular volume were measured at regular intervals. The results were significant with visible increase in all the three parameters. Moreover, no adverse effects were noticed at the end of the treatment period.

HCG for Women


HCG is a growth hormone in pregnant women. However, the same hormone was found to be effective as an anti-aging supplement as well. HCG treatment has shown to maintain a healthy collagen level in the skin, which may further result in younger looking skin and lowered signs of aging. Increased metabolism and alert brain leads to better health. HCG has also shown promising results in curbing pre-menopausal symptoms.

This hormone fights fat accumulation to give one a leaner body when she ages. Regular administration of the hormone gives a leaner body and fuller skin, which are responsible for bringing in the youthful glow.

Treating Fertility Problems

HCG is used to treat women to support the normal development of eggs in the ovaries and causes ovulation. It is also known to stimulate the egg’s release during ovulation, so by this standard it is of a double benefit to women experiencing problems getting pregnant.

By taking HCG regularly, women who are experiencing problems getting pregnant are often able to boost their egg development and becoming impregnated after regular HCG use.

HCG is also used by men to increase sperm count; many couples find that the increased possibility of procreation with both partners using HCG at the same time greatly decreases the waiting period for getting pregnant. Some couples put their conceptions down to the use of the HCG in the months leading up to the pregnancy.

There is a small minority of reported cases of women who have experienced discomfort after using HCG and it can range from mild to severe pelvic pain. Very rarely a woman may be diagnosed with ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) after using HCG. If this happens it is normally after the first dose or in the early stages of use and is confirmed to be rare in occurrence.

The use of HCG for pregnancy has been reported to increase the chances of a multiple birth (twins or triplets). Women who use HCG for the purpose of getting pregnant must be careful to ensure that they do not take it once they become pregnant as it has been reported to lead to birth defects in children where the mother continues taking it. It is very important to check the status of pregnancy on a daily basis for this reason.

Energy Increase

An unintended consequence of taking HCG is that it is accompanied by a reported surge in energy. Many HCG users have reported feeling ongoing higher energy levels, which in turn allows them to exercise more and lose more weight. In general the extra energy is a welcome side effect for most people as it helps to contribute to an overall feeling of wellbeing straightaway.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss HCG is used by men and women who wish to lose weight and who also want to make sure that the weight they lose derives from fat rather than muscle. When a low calorie diet is eaten it kicks in the effect of the HCG in users and allows stored fat to be metabolized into energy faster than if a dieter were to try and lose weight without HCG. The most important aspect of using HCG during weight loss attempts is the fact that loss of muscle is the first step for the body in a normal case, followed by degeneration of the bones.

In order to stop this from happening HCG is used to rally the fat cells together and facilitate the burning. In people who have lost muscle and bone density through weight loss there are severe long term effects including decreased mobility and potential osteoporosis.

The effects of HCG use in weight loss is fast acting with most users reporting to have experienced an average weight loss of over a pound a day; the average weight loss by users on HCG is between 12 and 30 pounds but HCG is effective for losing a great deal more weight than that if needed and is recommended by several weight loss doctors internationally.


HCG is a naturally occurring compound that is obviously beneficial to a great number of men and women who suffer from a wide variety of conditions. Weight loss is greatly helped by the use of HCG combined with a low calorie diet and is fast becoming a favorite amongst medical practitioners and patients alike. In terms of bringing up testosterone levels HCG has been successfully prescribed to men to diminish this and has shown to be highly successful in increasing both free and total levels.

Increased energy has been seen to be a beneficial side effect for patients who use HCG for other purposes and a contingent of users also use it specifically for the energy giving qualities that they find sustains good health and well being.

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